Icra - Education WordPress Theme


Follow the steps below to get started with your Site Template:

  1. Open the Package/HTML Folder to find all the Templates Files
  2. You will need to Upload these files to your Web Server using FTP in order to use it on your Website.
  3. Make sure you upload the required files/folders listed below:
    • HTML/css - Extra Stylesheets Folder
    • HTML/images - Images Folder
    • HTML/js - Javacripts Folder
    • HTML/style - Main Stylesheet File
    • HTML/index.html - Index File/Homepage
    • HTML/style.css - Style file
    • HTML/process.php - Contact us php file
    The other files can be used according to your preferences.
  4. You're now good to go..! Start adding your Content and show off your Brand New Beautiful Website in style.